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ISBN 3-924774-51-X
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1. Influenza

2. Avian Influenza

3. Virology

4. Pathogenesis and Immunology

5. Pandemic Preparedness

6. Vaccines

7. Laboratory Findings

8. Clinical Presentation

9. Treatment and Prophylaxis

10. Drugs

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Amedeo Influenza




Influenza Report's mission is to be a source for comprehensive and in-depth information. It is the policy of Influenza Report to allow free, anonymous access.

Under certain conditions, the editors and the authors of Influenza Report agree to remove the copyright on their book for all languages except English and German. Please see the conditions under which you might benefit from this offer.


Bernd Sebastian Kamps
Christian Hoffmann
Wolfgang Preiser


Georg Behrens
Leo Bruinzeel
René Gottschalk
Lutz Gürtler
Timm Harder
Stephen Korsman
Gustavo Reyes-Terán
Matthias Stoll
Ortrud Werner
Gert van Zyl




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